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Here's Something You NEVER Hear from So-Called Copywriting Experts ...

You MUST Be Able to Write Copy That Converts Readers into Buyers.

I Will Show You How to Write This Copy ... WITHOUT ...

  • Spending years of your life reading and digesting all the copywriting books.
  • Buying the super-expensive copywriting manuals that cost upwards of $1,000 each.
  • Spending tens of thousands on copywriting programs ... many of which are created by "gurus" who never actually write copy.
  • Spending tens of thousands on conferences and seminars.
  • Paying upwards of $1,000 an hour for personal instruction from so-called "A" list copywriters.

I Will Also Show You How to ...

  • Get the Highest-Paying Assignments from the Highest-Paying Clients.
  • Find Long-Term Clients ... And Keep Them ...
  • Write Two to Three Times Faster So Earn More and Gain More Free Time.
  • Write Higher-Converting Copy … So Top Clients Send You More Assignments.
  • Discover How to Write New Types of Copy … Like VSLs, Advertorials, and PPC Ads … So You Earn More Income and Start Getting Royalties …

On this page, I'm going to reveal how you can be writing high-converting copy in 45 days ... or less ... for a FRACTION of the price of the "usual" methods.

From The Desk of Scott Martin … Direct Response Copywriter … Aspen, Colorado. My copy has generated over $400 million for my clients in the last 5 years.


Dear Colleague:

Six years ago, an “event” occurred that totally transformed my career … and quickly put me on the road to becoming a sought-after copywriter earning well over the magical “six-figure” benchmark.

So … if you want to learn to write super-powerful copy FAST … so you earn more, have more free time, and work with the top clients … then make some time to read this important presentation.

Until that “event” in the first paragraph I was an “OK” copywriter. Competent but not really getting the highest-paying gigs. I was also relying on work from the “commodity” sites like Upwork … which can be demeaning … at best.

But … like you … I was seriously ambitious … I wanted to get to that coveted “six-figure” range and become an "elite" copywriter earning big fees and royalties.

Fortunately …

I Got a Huge Break … From a Company in Australia …

One evening while surfing the web looking for copywriting gigs, I saw a classified ad from a digital advertising agency in Brisbane, Australia. They needed a copywriter for emails, landing pages, and lead magnets. Fairly basic stuff.

I applied, interviewed by Skype, and started working with the agency. This agency had “their way” of writing copy. And I had to follow “their way” because they had tested it … and “their way” maximized conversion.

How did they train me to write “their way” copy?

Pretty simple … but extremely powerful.

The head of the agency recorded a video about how they wanted copy … while he wrote copy. It’s called a “look over my shoulder” video. It’s a simple concept … a lot like being in a classroom while the teacher actually completes the project in front of you instead of talking about theory.

What Did I Discover … and What’s In It For You?

I have read all the great books about copywriting … plus some obscure ones. I have also bought manuals costing hundreds of dollars. And I have spent well over $75,000 attending seminars, mastermind groups, and other training sessions … all to become a stronger copywriter.

BUT … those short and simple training videos from my client in Australia were … and have been … the fastest and most powerful way for me to learn how to write copy.

What does this mean for you?

You don’t have to read 93 books right now, spend thousands going to training seminars, and spend even more on those high-priced manuals. All you need is access to copywriting training videos. And I’ll show you how to gain this access in just a few minutes.

But first … let me describe …

The Powerful “Australian Method” of Learning …
Learn in Weeks … Not Years …

Australians have a different approach to life … plus they are extremely innovative when it comes to learning. They don’t like to spend time reading and digesting super-thick textbooks. They don’t want to sit in classrooms. And they don’t want to attend seminars and workshops. They want to hit the beach and enjoy all that sunshine!

How do Australians learn?

One word: FAST.

How do they learn quickly? They watch "look over my shoulder" videos. My client in Australia worked for many of that country’s top training companies. Every training company used “look over my shoulder” videos for training. Not just a few companies … but EVERY company.

My client sent me more “look over my shoulder” training videos as he asked me to write more copy for his agency. And, like our friends in Australia, I found these videos made it super-simple to learn the art and science of copywriting.

It works … very soon, I was writing opt-in landing pages that converted at over 30% … and sales pages converting at well over 4%. 

And then …

Another Client Did the Same Thing! More Training Videos …

A few years ago, I started working with a digital marketing company based in Austin, Texas. This company hired me to write emails, video sales letters, and landing pages. 

How did they train me to write copy “their way?”

Again … super simple … they sent me a bunch of “look over my shoulder” videos. I watched the videos and, within a week, I was writing the copy they wanted … just how they wanted it. The copy converted and generated millions of dollars in revenue.

The company didn’t know about this “Australian” method yet they were using it successfully.

A Harvard Study Proves the “Australian Method” Works … And FAST …

I spent some time cruising around the Internet looking for more information about video learning and the “Australian Method” … and why it works.

An article in the March-April 2012 issue of Harvard Magazine featured an article about Professor Eric Mazur, who teaches Physics.

Like most professors, Dr. Mazur used the typical “lecture” method to teach students. He stood at the front of a classroom and spoke to his students for around an hour, hoping the students were digesting the information.

So he completely changed the way he taught, based in part from research from another professor. Dr. Mazur incorporated more video … especially “look over my shoulder” video teaching.

The new method worked … and it remains a core part of how Dr. Mazur teaches today. Retention of knowledge has increased. Students are more engaged. They can move forward with their learning.

The research and the "practical application" proves this. Learning from textbooks and lectures is OK. But the fastest progress … and highest retention … comes from video-based learning AKA “look over my shoulder” videos.

How I Trained a Young Apprentice … She Was Writing Fundamentally-Sound Copy in Just 12 DAYS …

A few years ago, I started to train a young copywriter.

How did I set up the training? You guessed it … I filmed a bunch of “look over my shoulder” videos. In just 21 days, she was writing fundamentally-sound basic copy.

Instead of sending her to a course, or making her read books, or shoving a big fat stack of manuals in front of her … it was much, much easier for her to learn the fundamentals of copy by watching me write copy on a "look over my shoulder" video.

Proof again of the power of “The Australian Method” and its effectiveness when it comes to training.

How to Make SERIOUS Money as a Copywriter ... It's NOT What You've Been Told ...

You'll hear and read a lot about how to earn "six figures" as a copywriter ... find clients ... get royalties ... and more. These things are important but let's take a look at the world's #1 copywriter, Clayton Makepeace. He earns more than any copywriter I know.

By his own admission, he doesn’t charge the most money. But he’s super-fast. There’s only one copywriter I know who is faster than me and that’s Clayton Makepeace. I have worked extremely hard to be super-fast while meeting the needs of my client.

My secret? Templates. I created THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING to help you write “elite” level FASTER. That’s why I provide you with my personal templates you can use to write high-converting copy … QUICKLY. It’s all part of THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING.

Look … I Know What You’re Going Through … And I Can Help …

Why am I talking about this “Australian Method?” The answer is extremely simple … and extremely important for your career.

It’s really hard to get going in this business.

You need the training so you get clients. But it’s hard to find the training without spending tens of thousands on seminars … or one-on-one training with “A-List” copywriters … books … manuals … and everything else. You know what I’m talking about.

So … while I was recording those training videos for my apprentice, I thought “I should make these available to other copywriters.”

And thus I created …

THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING … Over 150 “Look Over My Shoulder” Training Videos to Help You Become a Sought-After Copywriter Earning Well Into Six-Figures …

THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING gives you over 150 “Look Over My Shoulder” videos to help you write fundamentally sound copy that converts readers into buyers.

Each video is 10-15 minutes long. You “look over my shoulder” as I write the copy and explain what I’m doing … and why I’m doing it.

You also receive “fill in the blanks” templates to make writing powerful basic copy even faster and even easier.

Instead of spending thousands on training …. not to mention all that time … you can watch the videos and use the templates.

I organized the videos and templates into the following categories.

Series 1. Writing Emails. 13 videos where I write emails based on a template that’s generated huge click-through rates well above the industry average.

Series 2. Writing Squeeze Pages … AKA Opt-In Pages. The key to building a list. You get 15 videos based on a squeeze page formula that’s generated up to 39% opt-ins.

Series 3. How to Write Powerful Headlines. 21 videos about the most important copy fundamental … HEADLINES. This includes over 30 different types of headlines you can test … plus templates.

Series 4. Long-Form Sales Page. Watch 35 videos as I write a full-on sales page that went live and generated thousands of dollars in revenue for one of my own products … with ONLY organic traffic.

Series 5. Understanding Direct Response Syntax. These 8 videos show you exactly how to choose the words and organize them for total clarity.

Series 6. AdWords, Display, and PPC Ads. Where it all starts. In these 11 videos, I show you how to write these short ads that must grab the attention of potential customers. You also get several templates to help you organize these ads and keep them within the prescribed character limits.

Series 7. Advertorials and Presell Pages. A must in today’s hyper-compliant environment. Advertorials are the link between your PPC ads and the sales page. Written and tested correctly, these can provide a big-time boost in conversion … plus keep your clients in good graces with Google, Facebook, and the networks.

Series 8. Bullets and Fascinations. The engine of high-converting copy. I show you how to write these … based on proven templates. Headlines bring people into your copy but bullets get readers to take the next step and BUY what you’re selling. These 11 videos include advanced techniques even “new” copywriters can use.

Series 9. Direct Mail Promotion. In these 22 videos, I write a full-on direct mail promotion. Mail is making a comeback because it works and can be a viable alternative to digital marketing. More clients are looking for more copywriters who can write direct mail.

These videos are only available online … giving you instant access. No CDs or DVDs … just sign up for access and you’re watching the videos in the next 3 minutes.

Watch These Sample Videos from THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING.


Here’s the Full List of Templates You Receive

  • Emails
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Headlines
  • Long-Form Sales Page
  • PPC Ads
  • Advertorials and Presell Pages
  • Bullets
  • Direct Mail Promotion

With more to come …

Use these templates for your copy. It’s a great starting point and will help you beat the “blank page blues” forever.

Simply start with these templates then tweak and change based on your product, your benefits, your offers, and your customers.

Let’s Take a Tour of the Aspen School of Copywriting

Click the play button below for a guided tour of THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING.

Yes – you can read the books and buy the manuals but … the best way to learn to write copy is to watch a successful copywriter writing copy while he or she explains exactly what they’re thinking. At least that's how it works for me.

A Big-Time Copywriting Secret … This May Shock You …

Every month, I write over 40,000 words of copy for clients around the world.

You’ll hear a lot about advanced-level techniques from some of the world’s top copywriters. And there’s nothing wrong with learning these and trying them.

But quite frankly, most of the copy I write is BASIC AND SOLID DIRECT RESPONSE COPY where CLARITY is the most important factor.

The “copywriting police” would likely look at my copy and go, “that’s garbage” … but wait a minute … my copy has generated over $250 million in sales in the last 5 years and my regular clients keep coming back for more.

One VSL I wrote is generating over $1 million a month in sales … of a $19 ebook.

What’s the lesson? Solid “basic” copy can get the job done PLUS you can get the copy live faster. And as my mentor Andrew Wood said many times … “speed is a strategy.”

So it’s a HUGE mistake to wait until you feel you have reached the “advanced” level before going out there, finding clients, and writing copy.

More Videos On the Way … FREE …

THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING currently gives you over 150 copywriting training videos. Ultimately, there will be over 300 videos and many more categories.

The low current payment to join THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING gives you instant access to the videos. The low payment also gives you LIFETIME access to the videos … plus a monthly email where I reveal what’s working in the world of copy.

I will add new videos to the library every month. But once you have paid, you will never pay again.


  • Instant online access to over 150 “look over my shoulder” copywriting training videos … with more on the way.
  • Copy templates you can use immediately … based on copy I have written for clients around the world. This copy has generated over $250 million in sales in the last 5 years.
  • Nine modules covering different types of copy … with more modules to come.
  • A monthly email where I reveal what’s working in copy … and what’s not.
  • 5 special bonus items … I reveal these below.
  • Plus, free access to CLIENT FINDER ... a library of resources I created to help you find ideal clients. The full list is below ... toward the end of this page.

THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING gives you everything you need to write high-converting copy … all based on the “Australian” method of super-fast learning ... plus some super-powerful bonus resources to help you become a stronger copywriter.


The training in THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING is for …

  • Ambitious copywriters who want to make a serious income writing copy … and gain all the benefits of the writer’s lifestyle.
  • Copywriters who are brand new to copywriting and want to discover how to write copy.
  • Copywriters who are just getting started but are finding it hard to get going with their copy … and career.
  • Copywriters who have been generating some income with their copy … and want to get to the next level … well into “six figure” territory.
  • Branding copywriters who want to discover direct response copywriting.
  • Experienced copywriters who want to learn new techniques and want to expand what they write ...

THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING is for you … if you want to improve … and learn to write stronger and more powerful copy … copy that generates higher revenue … so you earn more income because you’re getting more assignments.

Dan Kennedy Believes in the “Australian Method” … But There’s One Slight Problem …

I’m one of the biggest Dan Kennedy fans on the planet. I’ve bought and read his books. I’ve attended his seminars. I have paid to hear him speak. I have gleefully used his headline templates. I even lent him a pen in Connecticut.

One of my clients is Glazer-Kennedy, the company Dan Kennedy founded.

The only other place I’ve seen “look over your shoulder” copywriting videos? From Dan Kennedy himself. But the product is weirdly-structured with monthly print letters “dripped” by snail mail … and it’s expensive … well over $1,000 a year for just a few videos a year.

You can also pay for Kennedy’s “Influential Writing Workshop” which gives you videos of Dan Kennedy teaching … for a cool $2,997.

But with THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING, you get actual videos … and instant access to EVERY video … plus the templates.

Look … I’m not comparing myself to Dan Kennedy. He’s a much more accomplished copywriter. But I will ask this question … “Does Dan Kennedy have a VSL that’s generating over $1 million in sales a month for a $19 ebook?” I don’t think so.

Bottom line … I love Dan Kennedy and his work but … for 99% of copywriters … THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING gives you more content … gives you more templates … gives you instant access to EVERYTHING … plus costs thousands less.

Finally … An Alternative to Spending Tens of Thousands On Manuals … Courses … and Personal Teaching …

There are plenty of ways to learn to write powerful copy … as you know.

You can read all the books … a great idea but it will take you well over 2 years to read and digest all the copywriting books you should read. Don’t get me wrong … you MUST eventually read all those books ... but there’s a faster way to get started.

You can buy the manuals. There are some good ones … and some bad ones … but they cost upwards of $1,000 for each series. A lot to pay … a lot to digest … with no guarantee they will help you.

You can buy individual coaching from “guru” copywriters. This will cost upwards of $1,000 per hour ...

You can attend conferences and training seminars. These vary in quality but one thing stays the same … the price to attend these conferences. Each seminar can cost around $3,500 and that’s before travel expenses, which can run well over $2,500 per seminar.

But … as you’ll discover in a minute, immediate access to THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING is extremely affordable.

22 Reasons to Gain Access to The Videos in THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING

Here’s why you should gain access to the Aspen School of Copywriting right now …

  1. Dramatically increase your income because you know precisely how to write powerful copy based on what really works. You can get the highest-paying assignments once you complete the training in THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING.
  2. Earn more money … more often … you will confidently approach potential clients knowing you can write the copy they need … and these clients will send you more assignments … more often.
  3. Expand what you can offer clients ... so you get more work. Instead of offering just one type of copy, you can “add more arrows to your quiver” so you make clients happier and get more work.
  4. Learn quickly … thanks to the “Australian Method” of learning.
  5. Backed by a Harvard study which said the “look over my shoulder” method of learning can be the fastest way to learn a new skill.
  6. Save tens of thousands because you don’t have to attend conferences, fly to seminars, and hire a copywriting “guru” for training.
  7. Write a TON faster thanks to the proven copy templates you receive with THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING. This alone will increase your income and give you more spare time for your favorite activities.
  8. Write high-converting copy … based on techniques that have generated over $250 million in revenue in the last 5 years.
  9. Get proven copywriting templates that have actually worked and generated revenue ... it’s like your own personal swipe file.
  10. Learn how to test … which is the ultimate way to increase conversion and make your clients deliriously happy.
  11. Get work from the top clients … and know you can complete the assignments thanks to the training.
  12. Keep up with current trends … thanks to the monthly email.
  13. Learn new skills … so you can write the in-demand copy like VSLs, PPC ads, sales letters, advertorials, and … yes … direct mail.
  14. Learn one of the most important skills you must have as a copywriter … research. It’s covered in THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING in the long-form series of modules.
  15. Discover how to write in-demand copy like PPC ads, advertorials, and squeeze pages.
  16. No more “blank page blues” or “writer’s block” thanks to the content in the videos plus the templates.
  17. Fully guaranteed so you take no risk ... a super-generous guarantee.
  18. Learn on your own schedule … when you have time to learn.
  19. Special bonus items to help you with your business and, most importantly, finding clients.
  20. Only pay ONCE for lifetime access. No monthly fee … hidden charges … or crazy surprises.
  21. More videos on the way ... at no extra charge.
  22. A low introductory price only available for an extremely limited time.

Can’t I Just Find These on YouTube?

It’s a Great Question … and Here’s the Answer …

You’ll find plenty of videos about copywriting on YouTube. I’ve searched for these … and you have too.

Here’s my experience with these videos. They’re incomplete, poorly organized, and usually created by D-grade copywriters.

Are they written and created by a copywriter who has generated more than $250 million in revenue in the last 5 years? No.

Yes … those videos are free but, as the old saying goes … “you get what you pay for.” I don’t know a single serious copywriter who provides free training.

Bottom line … you’re taking a huge risk with your career if you rely on any type of free resource … especially in among the fetid stew of nonsense you’ll find on YouTube. Plus, you DO NOT get templates and swipe files with the free videos ... and you never will.

Here’s What You’ll Discover in THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING …

When you gain access to all the training videos in THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING, here’s what you receive.

  • How to write powerful copy based on my methods … which have generated over $250 million in sales in the last 5 years.
  • The secret to writing EVERY type of copy … emails … long-form … PPC ads … advertorials … and more …
  • Why certain types of headlines work … and why some headlines can be a disaster.
  • The type of email length that works and which types of emails to test.
  • One thing NEVER to write when you’re writing any type of copy.
  • The right way to write bullets and the wrong way to write bullets. Remember … bullets are the engine of your copy and they can make a huge impact on the success of your copy.
  • Are you unsure about writing direct mail? You won’t be after going through the series of videos about writing direct mail.
  • The powerful yet little used way to write bullets that will set you apart from other copywriters.
  • Start writing high-converting copy in just 43 days or less … by following the way I write copy. Remember … all the videos are based on what actually works in the real world.
  • Did you know that many copywriters get it all wrong when it comes to advertorials? I’ve written thousands … and these have generated millions in sales.
  • If you need to write faster, a lot faster, then you’ll discover how in the special “Syntax” section where I show you how to write direct response copy.
  • When you need bullets in email … and when you don’t.
  • The TRUTH about writing long-form copy … based on what works … and what doesn’t. HINT … you don’t have to write "advanced-level" copy to convert readers into buyers. Just start by following my methods.
  • BETTER than seminars … BETTER than personal training … BETTER than books and manuals … so you learn the art and science of copywriting FASTER.
  • The single most important key to writing headlines that get attention.

It’s all part of what you receive in THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING.

What Would You Pay for Full Instant Access to the Training Videos in THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING?

Remember what I wrote about getting the training you need to be a high-performing copywriter?

First … you can’t learn the art and science of writing copy at any university or community college that I know of. New York University used to offer a class … but no more.

So how can you learn … at a high level?

Some companies offer an apprenticeship … but you’ll be chained to a desk for 70 hours a week and have to relocate.

You can attend a seminar or boot camp. Even a semi-decent course will cost you upwards of $5,000 including travel and time.

You can buy all the books. You’ll need to read at least 100 books costing you around $2,000 … plus you’ll have to read and digest all the information. I recommend you read all those books … I have … but it takes a lot of time.

Training from "elite" copywriters? How about $1,000 an hour

Manuals … in my experience … provide the best value of all of the above but you’ll be spending upwards of $1,000 for a decent one … plus you’ll have to spend several months digesting the information.

Considering the costs above, what would YOU pay for instant access to THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING?





Nowhere near …

For an extremely limited time, you will gain instant access to THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING at just:

$477 … one time payment … LIFETIME ACCESS to all the videos.

OR …

10 easy monthly payments of just $69 … LIFETIME ACCESS to all the videos.

And if you’re counting, that’s just $3.18 per video with the one time payment.

Click here now for the single payment.

Click here now for the 10 payments.

There Are More Videos on the Way … And They Will Always Be Free for You … If You Act Now …

Yes … you get 150 “look over my shoulder” copywriting videos with THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING.

Ultimately, there will be more than 300 “look over my shoulder” videos in the vault. YOU WILL NEVER PAY ANYTHING AGAIN for access to the additional videos I create. And I’ll send a bi-monthly email with content updates and related thoughts.

My A-List Clients … and What People Have Written About My Copy …

Scott Martin is a rare find … a copywriter who understands how to motivate customers to call or get out their credit cards and buy! He has a genuine enthusiasm for great copy, is fun to work with, hits his deadlines on time, but most of all—he gets results! We look forward to a long working relationship. Will Swayne, Founder, Marketing Results.

Scott Martin is a joy to work with ... super responsive, humble, professional and courteous. Ryan Markish, Director of Copy, The Palm Beach Letter. 

Unlike most copywriters, Scott has a great understanding of direct response copy. The kind that actually makes you money instead of merely filling the page with prose! That's why we use him again and again. Andrew Wood, President, Legendary Marketing, Lecanto, Florida, USA. 

Scott has written copy for three websites and each has been exceptional. If you want web or other copy that actually helps you sell, then don’t settle for fluff, hire the best... a direct response copywriter who knows how to use the techniques. Dermot Dalton, Dalton Consulting, Dublin, Ireland. 

Scott knows how to tap the power of direct response marketing. As a small business owner, I am very interested in marketing and have studied different types of marketing for years. After going to his marketing boot camp I became aware of some new, cutting edge marketing techniques that are helping us increase our revenue and attract new clients. Scott is also an exceptionally good copywriter. He churned out the copy for our new website at blazing fast speed and it's pure direct response copy. Now our website will help us attract the patients we can help the most! Unlike other copywriters I have worked with that took weeks or months to get things right, Scott was able to do it in a couple of days. Dr. Christian Yaste, DDS, Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. 

The best thing about working with Scott is he turns around good work FAST! Over the years I have known him, he has always written interesting copy and he has successfully married that to the proven direct response principles we practice at Legendary Marketing. Kevin Strom, previously Executive Vice President, Cunningly Clever Marketing, Crystal River, Florida. 

Scott Martin is a talented and dependable writer. He enjoys golf and has a passion for direct marketing. Jim McLean, Founder and President, Jim McLean Golf School, Miami, Florida. 

We think that the way you filter out the 'fluff' and make the copy clear and easy for people to understand is ideal for our products. Direct Marketing company, Liverpool, UK. 

I was impressed with Scott’s commitment to our project – every deadline was met, every email and phone call was returned.  He provided multiple ideas and solutions and went above what I expected. I feel like that level of accountability is hard to find these days. International Direct Marketing company, Baltimore, Maryland. 

My go-to trusted direct response copywriter ... I’ve worked with Scott on many, many projects for over 4 years now – and I am not only continually impressed with his writing, but his ability to understand and sell such differing businesses. Scott's willingness to get the job done right and on time has always meant he is my go-to trusted copywriter. He is the only copywriter I have worked with who will jump on a call at midnight to discuss a landing page! He writes in pure direct response style and he genuinely knows how to write to sell. Scott is dedicated to every project with the right turnarounds, excellent responsiveness, and a commitment to get things right for the client. Most of all, he has a great sense of humor and will not let you down. Sophie Paulin, Account Executive, Brisbane, Australia. 

My clients include … several divisions of Agora … Revolution Golf … Digital Marketer … AWAI … Direct Digital … Beachbody … and hundreds of direct marketers around the world.

So you’re getting instruction from a copywriter who knows how to get readers to dig into their pocket and pull out their credit card.

And ... as we like to say in direct marketing ...

But Wait … There’s More!

Receive These Special CLIENT-FINDING Bonuses When You Gain Access to THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING …

As soon as you join THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING you gain instant access to an exclusive vault of resources I created to help copywriters find ... and keep clients. Here are just a few of the items in the vault.

BONUS #1. The Best Way to Find Clients … And The Worst Ways … A special report where I describe the ONE best way to find clients and why all the other methods are totally inferior.

BONUS #2. How to Deal With Client Problems. Yes … they’re going to happen from time-to-time. How you deal with these will massively impact your income and your sanity.

BONUS #3. The Habits of Successful Creatives. Discover what separates the ones who make a significant income … and the ones who fail. HINT: it’s not what you’ve read or been told.

BONUS #4. Finding Clients When You Don’t Have Any. Everyone has to get started. I show you how in this must-read presentation.

BONUS #5. 33 Epic Thoughts About Direct Marketing … to help you understand direct marketing and improve your direct marketing skills.

Yes … all these bonuses are yours … FREE … when you join THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING.

Take These Steps NOW If You’re Serious About Becoming a Top-Level Copywriter

STEP 1. Make the decision to improve your copywriting DRAMATICALLY.


STEP 3. Click one of the two buttons in the right sidebar to choose your payment option.

STEP 4. Go through the easy and super-secure checkout … I don’t get access to your credit card information.

STEP 5. Start watching the videos.

Take 30 Days to Decide if THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING is For You … My Personal Guarantee …

The videos in THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING must help you learn to write copy quickly … and help you find clients … plus write great copy for those clients … or you receive a full refund.

Just contact me within 30 days of purchase if you’re not totally delighted with the videos.

  • If you paid the $477 ... I'll refund the full $477.
  • If you're on a payment plan, I'll refund your last payment.

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Yes – I fully understand someone could take advantage of this by watching all the videos then demanding a refund … but your career as a copywriter is the most important thing and thus, I’m willing to take this risk.

But the guarantee remains. If you’re not happy for any reason … or no reason … contact me within 30 days of joining and I’ll rush you the refund.



When you join THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING, I'm going to give you full and complete access to my CLIENT FINDER library. This library contains PDFs, podcasts, and videos created to help you find the perfect clients for your practice.

Access to CLIENT FINDER is totally free when you join THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING.

Here’s everything you get with Client Finder … 20 Exclusive Resources to Help You Find High-Paying Clients … With More Resources On the Way …

  • Podcast … The Perfect Website. How to create your copywriting website based on my website, which has generated over 1,000 leads in 4 years and ranks #1 or #2 for most relevant search terms.
  • Podcast … Dealing with Client Problems. Which client problems you can and should tolerate … and which ones you should not.
  • Podcast … Interviewing Potential Clients. Yes ... a potential client is going to interview you. But you must also interview the client. In this podcast, I talk about the questions you can ask. The goal is to work with the top clients and weed out the bad clients. There is NO EXCUSE to work with bad clients. Ever.
  • Podcast … Keeping Clients Happy. How to keep clients happy, but I also discuss where to draw the line when it comes to the demands of clients.
  • Podcast … How to Handle Rejection. When you start to contact potential clients, you’re going to get rejected. And that’s a good thing … as I explain.
  • Podcast … How to Deal With the Biggest Problem You'll Face. This surprising problem can impact your work, your life, and your soul. I reveal this problem then I discuss how to beat it.
  • Getting Clients When You Don't Have Any. This 63-minute presentation helps you get going on your road to success as a copywriter. Don't have any clients? No worries. Just getting started? Everyone had to start somewhere. I show you how to get going. It's easier than you think.
  • Defining YOUR Great Clients. At first, and even later, it's easy to take any client who walks through the door. But it's important to define who are YOUR perfect clients. Very few people in any industry talk about this but it's extremely important to be proactive here.
  • Swipe Files for Contacting Clients. In this Word doc, you'll find some simple swipe files you can use when you're contacting potential clients.
  • Your Perfect Website. Your website is a vital part of your success as a copywriter. My website has produced over 1,000 leads in just 4 years. In this video, I go through how to build an excellent website that generates tons of leads. Sadly, 99% of copywriters have a very poor website. Here’s how you can join the 1% of copywriters with a website that generates leads.

Archived Emails I Have Sent to Other Copywriters

  • Writing Quickly … vital to increasing your revenue and having free time.
  • Creating a Website. A 5-part series that describes how to put together a website for a copywriter.
  • How to Beat the Copywriter Blues. How to cope with the issues most copywriters face when things are not going to plan.
  • Working with advertising and digital marketing agencies. The pros and the cons.
  • Learning from the top copywriters. A series about what you can learn from the best of the best.
  • Getting something else in your life … why it’s valuable to have a hobby or diversion in your life … and how this will help you with your copy.
  • Should You Be a Copy Cub? My controversial thoughts about this subject.
  • How the Current #1 Copywriter in the World Found Clients. This might surprise you.
  • How Bob Bly Found His First Clients. Again … it’s not what you’re typically told.

I will continue to add content and resources … so you get the resources you need to find the clients you want.

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  • I started writing copy in 1989 … in print … well before the Internet.
  • In 2002, I focused entirely on the power of direct response copy.
  • In the last 4 years alone, my copy has generated well over $250 million in revenue for clients in the financial, health, and recreation verticals.
  • I have paid for instruction from Herschell Gordon Lewis and David Deutsch.
  • My clients include some lesser-known companies but also include major direct response companies like Agora and Direct Digital.
  • I won an award at the 2014 AWAI Bootcamp and placed 3rd out of 48 in a competition judged by Clayton Makepeace.
  • I have taken detours into magazine publishing, corporate communications, and I have written 16 books including The Book of Caddyshack.
  • Over the last 5 years, I have attended conferences run by Dan Kennedy, Boardroom, and AWAI. I’m a member of The Titans Mastermind Group run by Brian Kurtz.
  • My approach is to write clear, fundamentally-sound direct response copy that helps my clients make money.
  • The website I created for my business has consistently ranked #1 or above the fold for the search term “direct response copywriter.”

Bottom Line … with THE ASPEN SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING, you get instruction and templates from a copywriter who is writing high-converting copy every day.

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